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Frequent Questions

Yes, both locations are currently accepting new patients! Book your appointment online here, or contact us for any other inquiries. 
We have resumed our contact lens fitting services! Request an appointment here we’ll get back to you with booking options!

Pre-booking your next eye exam allows you to reserve the time of day you’d prefer and ensure that you will receive a reminder from our office when we get closer to the date of your visit.

For most, schedules can change 1-2 years after booking. This is why we call or email 2 weeks ahead of time, so you can make any adjustments needed.

Priority booking is offered for routine eye exams. Though efforts are made to accommodate emergency requests, we cannot guarantee immediate care. We recommend reaching out to your family doctor or visit the Ottawa Hospital for a faster service.

The College of Optometrists of Ontario is deeply concerned that a significant risk of harm is posed when prescription glasses and contact lenses are dispensed by unregulated internet-based businesses, without the involvement of a licensed dispenser. Purchasing glasses on the internet is not regulated, and you are not protected by a regulated environment, professional accountability and standards.

Prescription eyewear is highly individualized. If your glasses are not appropriately and accurately made, your vision can be significantly compromised. If you purchase eyeglasses online, no trained and accountable licensed dispenser is obligated to inspect your eyeglasses for accuracy, adjust them to your face or answer your questions or concerns. In fact, selling prescription glasses by any unlicensed entity (including the internet) is not supported in Ontario.

Nuvo understands the convenience of buying online, though we do agree with the concerns of the College of Optometrists. Our main priority for all patients, no matter where they purchase, is that they are getting the best products and are ultimately seeing/looking/feeling great about their eyewear choice. We believe our spectacle frames and lenses are of superior quality and of excellent value. When thoughtfully compared to the identical product from other suppliers, most of our customers find that the product is less expensive in our office even when these other suppliers are offering sales. However, if you still prefer to purchase your spectacles over the internet, we would be happy to offer you a service package that gives you some of the services that our customers receive when purchasing their eyewear from a Nuvo location. Our measurements service package includes:

  • Measurement of interpupillary distances (often referred to as P.D. – glasses made without regard to P.D. can cause significant wearer discomfort).
  • Measurement of segment height: this measurement is required to determine the correct placement for bifocal/multifocal lenses and its accuracy is directly dependent on the frame used and must be measured with the frame itself before lenses are fabricated.
  • Verification of the prescription after it has been fabricated.
  • Two adjustments to the frame within 6 months of purchase.

For more information on this package, please call any of our locations and our team of Opticians will be more than happy to answer your questions!

Our goal is to provide each patient with quality care in a timely matter. In order to do so, Nuvo (like most health care clinics) has adopted a 24-hour cancellation policy. This means that we require a 24-hour notice for any changes/cancellations of appointments. This gives us enough time to reallocate the appointment to another waiting patient and avoids any missed opportunity for the clinic. If we do not receive notice to reschedule or cancel the appointment on time, it is considered a “no show” and a fee applies to the patient’s file.

Nuvo’s administrative team puts great effort into properly maintaining each doctor’s schedule to ensure minimal wait time for patients and overall positive flow for each person visiting our clinics. This is why we extend a courtesy reminder one or two days before your appointment. Furthermore, if your appointment was booked more than 6 months prior, we will contact you ahead of time to make sure that the date still works with your schedule.

Your prescription is exactly that, yours. Though your prescription is offered automatically, we now have different means of providing it. We can print it, or we can send it to you by email!

Because all prescriptions are automatically saved to file and can be accessed at any time within all Nuvo locations, many patients opt to leave without a physical copy to save paper. The choice is yours! Let us know what you would prefer at the end of your visit.

The Pupillary Distance, or “PD”, measures the distance between your pupils. An accurately taken PD is one of many measurements needed to ensure that when your glasses are manufactured, the prescription lenses are appropriately centered in a frame in front of your eyes. The PD measurement is not a required component of a prescription, nor is it required clinical information that must be gathered as part of the eye examination.

We are not obligated to include this measurement in your glasses prescription. Instead, the measurement is a component of the dispensing services and is measured by one of our Optical team members when your glasses are ordered.

Nuvo does its best to accommodate a wide variety of insurance companies by offering two different ways of presenting a paid invoice with the date of service: summarized or itemized. Since policies differ from one patient to the next, it is almost impossible for us to know if your specific insurance policy covers all your fees or only a percentage of them. Although the date on all invoices cannot be altered by any Nuvo staff, we are more than happy to create an invoice on the proper date of service with either an itemized listing or a summarized listing as per your request. We know how confusing insurance policies can be, so we encourage all of our clients to call their insurance companies and see exactly what their policy states for coverage.

Please note that Nuvo’s professionals will never make a recommendation of services or products based on your insurance policy, but rather according to your eye health needs and vision requirements. It is important however to know that we will work with your budget and find a proper solution for your overall eyewear needs.

*Please note: Official receipts are dated in accordance with the product purchase date. It is the patient’s responsibility to be aware of their insurance benefits and what is covered on the date of services rendered or products purchased. Nuvo will not alter any dates of official receipts once the final purchase has been made.

The power in an eyeglass prescription may be different from what is specified for contact lenses because contacts are worn directly on the eye and eyeglasses are worn in front of the eye. That distance affects the final measurement of your contact lens prescription and results in something different from your glasses prescription.

Click here for full details on what to bring to your next eye exam.


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