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We offer full scope optical care. From frame styling to lens selection and glasses adjustments for Nuvo eyewear, our technicians and opticians are here to take care of your eyewear needs. All glasses services are by appointment only at this time. Contact us to make your appointment for new glasses selection, adjustments/repairs to your Nuvo eyewear or for any other optical service required.


Our optical team is here to help with frame styling, and will go over all the options for your unique eyes. They will not only help with style suggestions, but will also help you select a frame that is properly fitted for your lens and prescription requirements. We’ve got the latest and greatest, so reserve your shopping appointment with us today!


Our premium prescription lenses are selected for their proven performance and positive patient feedback. Whether it be for single vision, computer or progressive prescriptions, our staff will take the greatest care in recommending the best lens for your prescription needs, for your lifestyle and for your budget. 

With Blue Light Glasses!

Shop non-prescription blue light glasses online and save 10% off your first pair!


Sunglasses at Nuvo


Everyone should have a good pair of sunglasses to help with protection from UVA and UVB rays. We offer both non-prescription and prescription options.

TRAnsition lenses

This awesome technology allows you to have clear lenses indoors and tinted ones outdoors! There are various colours available, and they provide 100% UVA/UVB protection.

Prescription Glasses at Nuvo

blue light protection

Blue light protective coating can be added to any clear lens, and can help with fatigue, ease of sleep at night, reduce the harmful affects of blue light, and reduce headaches related to extended computer use/phone use. 

Keeping You Safe

We’ve implemented new health and safety measures to make sure your visit is as secure and comfortable as possible. See a full update with our full Covid-protection measures.