Many people aren’t aware that contact lenses require a separate test from your regular eye glasses prescription. Whether you are a new wearer or a current contact lens user, extra calculations and measurements are needed to ensure that the fit is accurate for your eyes and vision requirements.


Dailies are single-use lenses that are worn for— you’ve got it— one day! They are the most beneficial lenses for both health and convenience.

The health advantages stem from the fact that there is no accumulation of every day lens deposits. Your eyes benefit from a new and fresh pair of lenses every day without the need for any cleaning! Just throw them out at the end of the day!

These lenses are ideal for every day use, and for part-time wearers. For instance, you may find it more convenient to wear contact lenses when playing sports or when going to the movies (especially 3D movies). Most dailies are available in a wide range of prescriptions including for astigmatism and multifocal. It’s important to remember that your optometrist can determine the best fit and material for your personal needs. They’ll assess your requirements and prescribe the best option for you.


Monthly lenses are good for up to 30 days, and must be removed at nighttime. For these lenses to preform properly, it is important to follow a consistent, thorough cleaning regiment. Staying compliant to the regular shelf-life of each lens will keep your eyes healthy and vision clear.

It’s important to comply and remove your lenses every night because the cornea/tissue of the eye needs oxygen. Without it, it will swell up, cause blurred vision and pain. Keeping your contacts in over night will create a barrier and your eyes won’t get the oxygen necessary to stay healthy, and can result in inflammation, infection and abrasions.

So make sure to follow your Optometrist’s recommendation for proper care and proper solution pairing. Your eye are unique and deserve to be treated right! After all, you only get one pair!


Bi-weekly lenses are intended for 14-day use and must be removed at nighttime. A consistent, thorough cleaning regiment is required to upkeep the quality of the lens and to keep your eye healthy!

Acuvue 2-week disposable lenses are available in various powers, including single vision (with or without astigmatism), and multifocal. It is vitally important to keep a good cleaning routine at the start and end of each day, to keep your eyes healthy.

It’s always important to discuss your day-to-day activities and hobbies with your optometrist so they can prescribe the proper lenses for your lifestyle.


Contact lenses are available in most prescriptions and offer a great compliment/alternative to regular eye glasses as well as extra flexibility for those who only wear them occasionally.

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