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Vision Therapy

Vision Therapy is a customized program of visual activities designed to correct certain vision problems and/or improve visual skills. It aims to “teach” the visual system to correct itself.

How does it work?

Through a series of specialized exercises, in-clinic vision therapy sessions, and progress appointments, we are basically re-training the brain to process visual information in a different way. Patients can see a vast improvement in the way they approach everyday activities such as reading, sports, or even just walking in a straight line!

How can it help?

Vision Therapy offers treatment and improvement of many common visual problems such as a lazy eye, crossed eyes, double vision, convergence insufficiency, some reading and learning disabilities and it can even help those suffering from concussions and minor brain injuries. It can also help with spacial awareness and overall coordination!

Nuvo Vision Therapy - Double Vision

Helps With
Double Vision

Nuvo Vision Therapy - Reading Difficulties

Helps with some
reading disabilities

Nuvo Vision Therapy - Lazy Eye

Helps with lazy
or crossed eye

Nuvo Vision Therapy - Some Concussions

Helps with concussions
& minor brain injuries

Success stories

Thank you, Dr Lima, for restoring my binocular vision. My loss of depth perception had been so gradual that I hadn’t realized it had gone; but having it back is benefitting me in many practical ways. I’d wondered why many tasks had suddenly become so difficult – like catching a ball, threading a needle, or parking the car. Since completing the therapy, I can do all these things much more easily. I’ve even been able to enjoy a 3D movie for the first time. My renewed sense of spatial awareness means I can see accurately where objects are; so, instead of tentatively reaching out to something until I feel my fingers touch it, I can just pick it up with confidence. It’s remarkable how much more real everything looks to me now. I feel like I’m truly participating in the world around me instead of just watching it."

- Barbara (Patient)

... Growing up, I figured out that I do not see in stereo or 3D.  This means I don’t see depth the say way the average person with “normal” vision sees.  After seeing my youngest son navigate certain obstacles like steps and floor transitions, I suspected he too didn’t see in stereo.

As soon as Nuvo launched their Vision Training program, I signed up my son to be their first patient to participate in the VT program.

During the six-week, 12 session program, Dr Lima had Scott perform various physical chores all while doing visual tasks.  As a dad who knows exactly what it is like to not see in 3D, I knew what the benefit of these physical challenges presented. I found myself watching some of the activities Scott was doing with Dr Lima and could not believe how successful Scott had become. I even asked to try some of them because I just couldn’t believe how efficient Scott had become at training his brain to receive and interpret the signals from both of his eyes at the same time.

After seeing the success my 11-year-old son had with Binocular Vision Training at Nuvo Eye with Dr Lima, I have asked to be assessed to see if the program would be successful with my eyesight.

A heartfelt thank you from Scott and I for helping him see more clearly."

- Russ F. (Patient)