Contact Lenses, whether corrective or cosmetic, are medical devices that can only be legally dispensed in Ontario by licensed medical professionals – like the team at the Nuvo Eye Centre. The reason for this legislation is the risk of harm involved with placing a foreign substance onto the eye’s surface, a risk that’s compounded when a visual prescription is also required.

The Doctors and Dispensers at Nuvo Eye Centre will remove the risk of injury to yourself or to others that comes from you wearing the wrong prescription; as well as, significantly reduce the health risks inherent with placing a small piece of plastic directly on the ocular surface.


Is my contact lens prescription different than my glasses prescription?

It is! Since glasses sit in front of your eyes and contacts sit directly on the surface of your eye, the measurements for the prescription changes. There are also varying factors that need to be considered for contact lens wearers, such as wear time. For instance, you may want to wear glasses on a regular basis with a progressive lens, however, want to wear distance-only contact lenses when you play sports. These considerations all require different measurements from your optometrist.

I want to wear contact lenses. What do I do now?

The contact lens fitting experience at Nuvo Eye Centre begins with an ocular assessment, health check, & consultation with one of our licensed Optometrists. Your eyes will be given a clean bill of health prior to ever wearing any lenses, & your specific needs and wants will be incorporated into the fitting experience.

Our Doctors take into consideration a variety of factors including; your specific visual needs, your lifestyle, your intended use for the lenses, the specific materials and their interaction with you, as well as any of your allergies and sensitivities. At the end of this initial consultation, a Trial Contact Lens will be selected that best suits you.

The next step is a comprehensive education session with one of our experienced staff. You will learn everything you need to know about inserting, removing, and caring for your new lenses. 

Our knowledgeable team will take the time with you one-on-one to ensure you are comfortable and fully prepared to make the most of your new lenses before sending you out into the world to enjoy your new glasses-free vision. But not before scheduling a follow-up visit with your doctor.

Contact Lenses are never a one-size-fits-all experience and a follow-up visit is a necessary component to assess the fit of your lenses and ensure a successful contact lens experience. At Nuvo Eye Centre we schedule you back in with our Optometrists to give them an opportunity to evaluate the fit, function, and comfort of your contact lenses prior to your order.

What is the wear time for contact lenses?

Contact lenses vary in wear-time: daily, monthly and bi-weekly. Depending on your needs, we’ve got the contact lenses for you! Together with your Optometrist, you’ll find the perfect fit for you and your lifestyle needs.

Do you have colour contact lenses?

We do! Nuvo carries Air Optix Colors contact lenses (monthly lenses). Whether you’re looking for colour contacts for a special occasion or for regular wear, Air Optix Colors are available for you (single vision prescription only). Want to see the colours available? Check out the colour studio by Alcon here.

Are contact lenses safe for children?

Absolutely! Though there’s not a certain “cut-off” age, contact lenses are usually safe for children who are responsible and motivated to wear them.

I only want to wear contact lenses part-time (for sports or other activities), what do you recommend?

A great option for part-time wearers is daily lenses. They give you the flexibility to wear contacts only when you need, without having to worry about a regular cleaning routine. Simply put the lenses in when you need them (with clean hands of course) and throw them out when you’re done! Dailies are also available to purchase in smaller quantities, so there’s no need to purchase large amounts that may expire before you need replenishment.

I have astigmatism. Can I wear contact lenses?

Yes, you can! Contact lenses are so versatile now that they come in almost all prescriptions, including astigmatism and multifocal!


Always wash your hands with soap.

Before touching your lenses, always wash your hands with soap (whether to put them in or take them out). This avoids any germs and gross stuff getting on your lens and reduces the risk of irritation and infection.

Make sure your contacts aren’t inside-out.

There’s a simple way to see if your lens is inside out: just place it on your fingertip and hold it up to the light. If the edges flare out, then it’s inside out! It should look like a bowl with straight edges.

Always begin with the same eye.

Establishing a routine where you always begin with the right eye (no matter if it’s for putting your lenses in or taking them out), helps to avoid mixing up your lenses since both have a different prescription.

Never use tap water to clean your lenses. 

Use your contact lens solution when you need to clean your contacts. Follow the cleaning routine that you’ve established with your eye care professional to make sure that you are disinfecting your lenses properly.

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Contact lenses are available in most prescriptions and offer a great compliment/alternative to regular eyeglasses as well as extra flexibility for those who only wear them occasionally. If you’re a current Nuvo patient with a valid contact lens prescription, you can re-order your supply here. »


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