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Please note that as of September 1st, due to the Job Action currently in place by the Ontario Association of Optometrists, we are not booking OHIP-covered eye exams until further notice. For full information about this Job Action, please click here.


  • All eye exams booked online are routine comprehensive eye exams. For any speciality exam requests or optical appointments, please visit the “Request an Appointment” section, or click here.
  • Regular eye exam fees apply for patients ages 20 – 64 years old.
  • It is recommended for adults between the ages of 20 and 64 to be seen at least every 2 years unless otherwise discussed with your Optometrist.
  • Insurance coverage fluctuates from person to person. We recommend verifying your eligible date of service with your provider before booking an appointment. Service dates and receipts cannot be altered once processed.
  • Because of Covid-19 restrictions, we are unable to accommodate any medical emergency appointments until further notice. For urgent cases, we recommend reaching out to your family doctor or visiting the nearest urgent care clinic or hospital.
  • Eye exams are booked for a duration of 30 minutes.