Help us reach our donation goal!

Optometry Giving Sight is a global fundraising organization reaching out to the more than 200,000 optometrists around the world, and their nearly 325 million patients, to make a difference in the lives of those in need.

This year, Nuvo is looking to raise/donate over $5,000! Help us reach our goal by donating in person or by donating to our team online!

1. A little more about Optometry Giving Sight.

Optometry Giving Sight was established in 2003 to address the needs of the over 600 million men, women and children around the world who are blind or vision impaired simply because they don’t have access to an eye exam and a pair of glasses. Why? Because in some countries there are not enough trained eye care personnel and there is no infrastructure to support these desperately needed eye care services.

Optometry Giving Sight supports programs that offer not only eye exams and glasses in countries with little or no access to them, but that establish the infrastructure and train the local human resources required for sustainable, quality vision care.


The World Sight Day Challenge (WSDC) is a major fundraising campaign coordinated by Optometry Giving Sight designed to raise funds for projects that provide training, establish vision centres and deliver eye care services for people who are blind or vision impaired due to uncorrected refractive error – simply the need for an eye exam and a pair of glasses.

Though the WSDC itself is on Thurday, October 12th this year, fundraising goals are encourages throughout the whole month of October!

3. Which program is the WSDC raising awareness for?

This year we are helping to raise funds in support of children’s eye health as part of Our Children’s Vision.

There are millions of children around the world whose futures depend on being able to access an eye exam and a pair of glasses. Our Children’s Vision is leading a call to action. To come together to ensure that effective, sustainable eye health initiatives for children and adolescents are part of appropriate health programs and are integrated into regional, national and global education and health policy.

4. How is NUVO making a difference?

This year, Nuvo will contribute in various ways by:

  • Donating $5 from every full pair of eye glasses sold;
  • Donating $2 from every supply of contact lenses sold;
  • Matching any in-person donation up to $5;
  • Accepting donations in ANY amount for glasses adjustments;
  • Accepting online donations;
  • Having a month-long book sale! Donate for a book! Available at the Orléans location!

5. What were Nuvo's contributions in the past?

Last year, Nuvo was able to raise/donate OVER $3,000! We’re looking to almost DOUBLE that goal this year by donating/raising $5,000!