Orthokeratology… but let’s all agree to call it
“Ortho-K”… It just rolls off the tongue better!
Now, on to the “what, how and who?”

In a nutshell, Ortho-K is a safe, non-surgical alternative to laser surgery. With the use of custom, oxygen-permeable contact lenses worn at night while you sleep, you can have clear vision for the whole next day without the use of any conventional eyewear!

But— HOW does it work? It’s simple, really. When you wear your ortho-K lenses at night, they reshape your corneal surface and correct your vision! Take them out in the morning, and experience clear vision for the rest of the day! Cool, right?

Dr. Corina Buettner is the head of Ortho-K services at both Nuvo locations. Want to know a little more about her? We don’t blame you; she’s pretty awesome.

As a Nuvo leader, Dr. Corina Buettner’s investments in the Nuvo vision have cultivated an ever-growing positive reputation among the Ottawa community, and have helped set her apart by being one of the only eye doctors to provide Ortho-K services in the Ottawa Region.