Multi-pair purchases.

Powered by Nikon, you can take advantage of our multi-pair lens discounts! You don’t have to sacrifice great quality for irresistible pricing! Visit our optical team with your valid prescription and we’ll go over all of your options!


Single vision lenses.

Single vision lenses correct one field of vision, either for far distances or for near distances. They also correct different levels of astigmatism.


Computer lenses.

Computer lenses correct vision for— you’ve got it— computer distances! It is a great option for those working in front of a screen for long hours.


Progressive lenses.

Progressives correct multiple levels of vision. A gradual change in power from top to bottom provides clear vision for all distances.

of sunglasses.

Wearing shades can make all the difference outdoors. They are of utmost importance during all months of the year. After all, the sun doesn’t stop shinning just because there’s snow on the ground!

UVA & UVB protection.

Corneal sun burns are a real thing! Which is why good quality lenses are of utmost importance for UV protection. Make sure to ask about UV rays protection no matter what brand of lenses you choose to move forward with. Your eyes will thank you!

Polarized lenses.

Polarized lenses come in handy in high glare situations such as light reflecting off of roads, cars, water or even from the reflective glare on the snow during the winter months! They help create proper contrast in colours and depth so that you can see your best!

Eye safety.

Certain types of sunglasses may be more fitting for casually strolling through the park than a windy beach day or mountain bike ride. Sunglasses often act as a barrier between the eyes and the environment. In windy conditions, they help keep eyes moist and comfortable and prevent windblown particles from entering the eye–this is especially important for contact lens wearers. So if you’re an avid outdoors man or woman, consider close-fitting, wraparound sunglasses.