Your healthy vision is our absolute priority. Our large variety of services and optical products are available for your benefit.

Your eye exam.

Eye exams are at the forefront of eye health. Obvious reasons are for clear, crisp vision, but there’s more to your exam than what first meets the eye.

+ What to expect during your eye exam

All nuvo services.

Nuvo goes far beyond regular eye exams and follow up care. Check out our full list of services and see how much we have to offer. I will complete this later.

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Your investment.

No matter your purchase, our team strives to provide outstanding service and care which includes warranties that make sense and protect your investment.

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Orthokeratology… but let’s all agree to call it
“Ortho-K”… It just rolls off the tongue better!
Now, on to the “what, how and who?”

Kids Corner

Keeping your kids healthy is always at the top of your list, and we want to do our part. So we’ve dedicated an entire section to them!

From infancy to teenage years, it’s important to know how vision care plays into your child’s every day activities. Visit the Kids Corner, and you’ll find information about how eyes develop, how vision affects the learning process, and what kind of eyewear works best for children.