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A complete list of our eye care services.

Eye Care Services

1. Full comprehensive eye examinations.

The Optometrists at Nuvo are happy to provide full eye exams that include the following tests:

  • Visual acuity test
  • Refraction test (for your prescription)
  • Slit lamp examination for the external health of your eyes
  • Indirect and direct ophthalmoscopy examination for the internal health of your eyes
  • Intraocular pressure measurement
  • Color vision and depth perception test (mainly for children, or administered when required)
  • Assessment of binocularity/muscle balance (how your eyes work together)
  • Complete medical and ocular history

2. Pædiatric eye exams.

Children should be seen at 6 months of age for an initial assessment, and once a year after age 3.

3. Diabetic monitoring.

It is recommended for all patients who are diagnosed with Diabetes to be seen once every year. With a valid OHIP card, your exam fee will be covered!

4. Retinal Optomap® Imaging.

Retinal imaging is an important tool in screening and diagnosing eye problems. Optomap® is the latest technology in evaluating internal eye diseases. The Optomap® will produce a digital image of your retina which allows us to perform a more thorough exam. Visit for more information.

An Optomap® Retinal Screening provides:

  • a scan to confirm a healthy eye;
  • early detection of retinal holes, tears and diseases such as Diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and even cancer;
  • permanent record for your medical file of eye health, able to compare small changes to eye health.

The Optomap® exam is simple, painless and only takes minutes. Experience with this technology has already led to improved disease detection and has prevented possible vision loss and blindness in several of our patients.

5. Complete contact lens fittings and follow up care.

Many people aren't aware that contact lenses require a separate test from your regular prescription. Whether you are a new wearer or a current contact lens user, extra calculations and measurements are needed to ensure that the fit is accurate for your eyes and vision requirements. Your lens must also be properly selected for your lifestyle needs. Although many of our patients wear contact lenses as their primary eyewear choice, we also have a large percentage of patients who are task-specific wearers. Prescriptions are different for contact lenses than glasses and can often be manipulated to be worn for specific activities. For instance, a computer technician may wear a pair of computer-progressive glasses in order to work with intermediate distances on a daily basis, but prefers to wear single vision daily lenses when he/she plays hockey twice a week for farther distances.

It is important for your eye care professional to assess your eyes reaction to new and current materials of your contact lens. Since this foreign object can be sitting in your eye for up to 8 hours or more, it is your Optometrists job to make sure that your eye can remain tolerant of the percentage of materials and water content in your prescribed contact lens brand. This also applies to solution use. Nuvo's team of professionals will make sure that we find the proper fit for you and upkeep your contact lens care.

6. Orthokeratology.

Orthokeratology is an alternative to refractive surgery, glasses and daily contact lenses. Put contact lenses on before going to bed, take them off in the morning, and have clear vision for the rest of the day!

Orthokeratology (or Ortho-K) temporarily improves vision by reshaping the cornea with the use of oxygen permeable contact lenses. Similar to a dental retainer used by Orthodontists, a comfortable retainer (contact lenses) are worn at night while sleeping. They are removed upon waking to provide clear vision without the use of eyeglasses or contact lenses.

It is a safe, non-surgical, reversible, modifiable alternative to laser surgery and does not require medications. Great for athletes, dry eyed patients associated with contact lens wear, those who work in dusty, dirty environments and those ineligible for refractive surgery.

Click here to request your consultation today with our Orthokeratology specialist Dr. Buettner!

7. Glaucoma diagnosing, treatment and co-management.

Diagnosis, treatment plans, and proper follow up care. Dr. Kamy Morcos is the Head od the Glaucoma Assessment Team at Nuvo Orléans and Nuvo Ottawa.

8. Co-management for cataracts.

Diagnosis and follow up care for patients who will undergo/have undergone cataract treatment.

9. Visual field testing.

A peripheral vision test, specifically administered to detect/monitor certain conditions.

10. Ocular Coherence Tomography (OCT).

A digital volumeric imaging of the retina, the macula and the optic nerve.

11. Topography.

A high tech map of the corneal surface.

12. Pachymetry.

An ultra sound measurement of corneal thickness.

13. Occupational assessment and report completion.

Your Optometrist will complete any necessary reports for occupational screening examinations such as RCMP applications, Police force applications, aviation licensing forms, and many more.

14. Complete eyewear care.

All 3 Nuvo locations are complete with an optical boutique. Our eyecare professionals will help with frame selection, lens information and the overall fit and make of your new eyewear. We will never "sell" you a product that isn't recommended for your best vision. Our main goal is to inform patients on what products are best for them. We'll help you choose a frame that will compliment not only your face shape, but also your prescription requirements and lifestyle.

15. The Nuvo Lab.

The Nuvo Lab- located at our Orléans location- is a very large part of the every day success at Nuvo Optometry. With the ability to offer shorter timelines for glasses preparation, Nuvo is able to expedite your experience and get you into your new glasses as soon as possible.

16. Lifetime eyewear service.

Did you buy your glasses at a Nuvo Boutique? If so, we provide complimentary adjustements, cleaning and general upkeep of your eyewear, as often as needed, for as long as you own them!

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A full list of services offered at Nuvo Optometry and Eye Centres.

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